Torquay on the Great Ocean Road

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If you enjoy watching people surf or like duck diving through waves to find a quiet spot, you'll love the surf culture in Torquay.

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The History of Torquay

Before European settlers arrived, the Torquay area was home to the Wathaurong aboriginal community for centuries until the early 1800s.

When Europeans arrived on Australia's shore, Torquay was a popular picnic spot. Settlement began in the 1870s around Spring Creek, and the town was officially named Torquay in 1892 after a holiday resort town in Devonshire, England.

What makes Torquay a popular destination?

Torquay saw gradual growth in size with the construction of bridges, schools, churches, and other facilities around the beach town. It wasn't until the 1920s, when car travel became more popular, that Torquay's tourism industry began to thrive, making it a popular day trip or weekend destination.

The starting point of the Great Ocean Road

Torquay is located at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and is a gateway to the attractions along this coast. It is around 104 kilometres southwest of Melbourne and 22 kilometres from Geelong. It takes about an hour and a half to drive from the centre of Melbourne to Torquay. Start your Great Ocean Road adventure here.

Birthplace of renowned surfers

Great Ocean Road Tours offers a diverse experience, showcasing everything from dense rainforests in the Daintree to sandy beaches and a scenic coastal road. Torquay, the birthplace of popular surf brands like Rip Curl and Quiksilver, also houses the Surf World Museum.

The Surf World Museum

The Surf World Museum explores the history and culture of surfing, focusing on Australia's influence on the sport. The museum features a collection of memorabilia, visual art, video collections, and the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame. Visitors can expect to be impressed by the museum's offerings.

Explore the Surf Coast Walk on foot

Let the ocean breeze dance through your locks as you stroll the seaside. The Surf Coast Walk, a 44-kilometre journey, snakes through Victoria's coastal sand and scrub, linking Torquay, Anglesea, and Aireys Inlet. Completing the trek can take about an hour, depending on your pace, allowing you to soak in the picturesque beach views and local fauna. It boasts stunning clifftop vistas and lush forests and is peppered with cultural and historical gems along the way.

Buy stuff at the farmer's market

Come rain or shine, every Saturday, the local community hosts a Farmers' Market all year round. The Torquay Farmers Market is a treasure trove of fresh, local produce. Styled after European markets, it features an exquisite selection of cheeses, breads, veggies, fruits, artisanal honey and spreads. Meander between stalls, taste-test the fare and pick out your top picks. It's a must-visit spot close to the Surf Coast Shire offices on Merrijig Drive!

Explore adventure at Tiger Moth World Adventure Park

For those after a rush of adrenaline, Tiger Moth World is the go-to. This theme park celebrates the 1930s Tiger Moth biplanes as a living museum of Australia's aviation history. Spectate the Moths zooming by, embark on a scenic flight, or even partake in an aerobatics session. Additionally, there are mini-golf, paddle boats, and mini-soccer to enjoy.

Apparel for surfing on dry land

Surf enthusiasts with a penchant for fashion rather than the waves themselves will find their haven at Surf City Plaza. This mall is a sanctuary for iconic surf brands. Looking for a cozy Quicksilver hoodie, a fresh ankle leash, or enough sex wax to last a year? You'll find all these and more under one roof.

Bells Beach has big waves

Next up, brace yourself for the legendary Bells Beach waves. A cornerstone of Aussie surfing culture, it draws board riders from all over for its formidable waves, crystal-clear lines, ideal offshore winds, and awe-inspiring barrels. Seasoned surfers can dive right in, while beginners can opt for lessons, starting with the gentler breaks at the shore.

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The beach has sand and drinks

Embracing Torquay's surf ethos isn't complete without flicking the sea salt from your hair and settling on the beach with a frosty beer, watching fellow surfers carve it up. Let Great Ocean Road Tours introduce you to the enchanting surf culture of Torquay, immersing you in its captivating allure.

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