How far off highway is Edith Falls?

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Edith Falls is a stunning natural attraction located in the northern part of Australia. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you are planning a trip to Edith Falls, one of the common questions that might come to your mind is how far off the highway it is. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the distance between Edith Falls and the nearest highway.


Edith Falls is situated within the Nitmiluk National Park, approximately 300 kilometers southeast of Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory. The falls are part of the Katherine River, which meanders through the rugged landscape of the Nitmiluk Gorge.

Access to Edith Falls

To reach Edith Falls, you need to take the Stuart Highway, also known as National Highway 1. The Stuart Highway is the main highway that connects Darwin with the southern parts of Australia. From Darwin, you will travel south on the Stuart Highway until you reach the town of Katherine.

Once you arrive in Katherine, you will need to take the Stuart Highway 50 kilometers further south, and then turn left onto Edith Falls Road. This road will lead you directly to the entrance of Edith Falls.

Distance from the Highway

The distance between Edith Falls and the Stuart Highway is approximately 42 kilometers. After taking the turn onto Edith Falls Road, you will need to drive for about 30 minutes to reach the entrance of the falls.

It’s important to note that the road conditions may vary, especially during the wet season. It is advisable to check the local weather conditions and road closures before you plan your trip to Edith Falls.

How far off highway is Edith Falls?

Facilities and Amenities

Edith Falls offers various facilities and amenities to enhance your visit. There is a designated car park available near the falls entrance, where you can safely park your vehicle. Additionally, there are picnic areas and barbecue facilities, allowing you to enjoy a meal amidst the beautiful natural surroundings.

Furthermore, there are camping grounds available near the falls, allowing visitors to spend a night under the stars. The camping grounds offer basic amenities such as toilets and showers.

If you are looking to experience the beauty of Edith Falls, you would need to travel approximately 42 kilometers off the Stuart Highway. With its mesmerizing natural scenery and various amenities, Edith Falls promises to be a memorable destination for all nature enthusiasts.

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